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Glass Skin

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Understanding “Glass Skin” and Strategies to Achieve It:

Dewey, hydrated, glowing skin! A picture perfect youthful complexion has been the goal for decades. Now coined “Glass Skin” there are procedures and products to help you maintain the look of healthy and happy skin.

Originating from Korea the concept of “glass skin” was made an enduring skin must-have on Tik Tok and through KPop artists. A decade into its popularity, and with practical experience with our clients at Rush to Beauty in Beverly Hills, we have
honed the techniques and demystified the science behind achieving this ultra-lustrous look.

“The secret is in strategic layering,” explains Camila Cena, our Rush to Beauty Skin Expert. Echoing the K-beauty “7 Skin Method” which involves applying toner or essence up to seven times post-cleansing, glass skin is about building up sheer, hydrating layers for a plump and youthful effect. There’s no monolithic path to glass skin; rather, it’s a personalized journey. Drawing on expert insights, our team’s experience will guide you through
essential home steps. If you find yourself in Beverly Hills, you can increase the success of your home routine with our Rush to Beauty procedures such as microneedling. Please contact us to book an appointment in Beverly Hills. We can also do online consultations.

1. Double-cleanse with gentle efficacy.
True to K-beauty traditions, begin with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water, and then proceed to a soft hydrating cleanser like the Triple Cleanse or SkinMedica’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser to eliminate all traces of impurities without compromising the skin’s moisture—a foundational step for the glass skin effect.

2. Embrace exfoliation.
Nighttime is ideal for exfoliation, particularly with photosensitizing acids. For that coveted glass-like radiance, AHA and BHA exfoliants work wonders in sloughing off dead skin cells. Products like the award-winning The Route’s Party Peel and Alastin’s ReSurface Polish are recommended, but moderation is key to avoid skin irritation. Complement with diligent sunscreen application during the day.

3. Layer toners and essences.
Today’s toners rejuvenate without drying, priming the skin post-double cleanse. For instance, WHAT GOES HERE? excellent for hydration and treatment. Follow with an essence to deeply imbue the skin with moisture, choosing from formulas like the WHAT GOES HERE?

4. Choose a multi-tasking hydrating serum.
The multifaceted nature of glass skin—hydration, even tone, smooth texture—demands a blend of ingredients. A serum that combines hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and peptides can deliver these varied benefits. The Bliss Bright Idea Serum is an affordable, all-encompassing option.


5. Prioritize moisture and protection.
In the final steps, whether opting for separate moisturizer and sunscreen or a hydrating sunscreen, it’s crucial to maintain hydration and safeguard the skin. Matte finishes are to be avoided; instead, opt for products that enhance the skin’s natural radiance, completing the glass skin transformation.

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